Alabama’s Season Ends in Winston-Salem

The University of Alabama Baseball Team huddles at pitcher's mound at David F. Couch Ball Park in Winston- Salem , NC on Sunday, Jun 11, 2023.

The #1 team in the country proved to be too much for Alabama, with their run ending in two games against Wake Forest in the Super Regionals. The Crimson Tide put up a great fight in game one, falling 5-4 in a heart breaker, but the Demon Deacons bats were simply overpowering in what proved to be a decisive game two.

Wake Forest took game two by a score of 22-5 in a matchup where they hit NINE home runs. Wake now heads to Omaha to play in the College World Series for the first time in 68 years, while Alabama will likely look to hire a new coach as it appears unlikely that Jason Jackson will be given the job.

After the season ended Saturday, Jackson’s players went to bat for him, talking about how great of a leader he is and how much he stepped up to put the program in a position where they had not been in 13 years. Surely Jackson will be a candidate, but others will be interviewed as well.

If someone else is brought in, the possibility also exists that Jackson would be a candidate for a head coaching position at another school after this impressive run. Undoubtedly, Alabama would love to keep him, but Jackson has earned the right to be a head coach, whether it be at Alabama or somewhere else.

It will be a fascinating offseason for a program that has already had a roller coaster of a year.