New AHSAA Director says Rules Will Be Enforced

After the sudden retirement of former AHSAA executive director Alvin Briggs last April, the central board began an immediate search for Briggs’ replacement.

They finally landed on now former coach and Oxford High School principal Heath Harmon, who addressed the media in an introductory press conference on Thursday night.

Harmon was of course asked about some of the biggest questions surrounding high school sports in 2024 such as NIL and the high school transfer portal issues, but for the most part did not give a strong opinion, instead opting to say that he is learning as much as he can about the challenges facing the state.

He did, however, have an interesting line about how he is going to lead, saying that if a rule is in place it will be enforced, something many have been concerned about over the past several years.

Harmon was asked directly about his message to those who are concerned about the integrity of high school athletics and upholding bylaws as well as holding schools accountable for rules violations.

“First of all I would say that if we have a rule, we’re going to enforce the rule,” he said. “If you don’t want that rule enforced then there is ways we can change the rules, but we have the rules for a reason.”

“I want everyone involved to be united in what we are doing. But also evolution of leadership is integrity. It’s the ability to consistently focus on doing the right work. That takes some stamina, that takes some courage. And that’s what I’m committed to doing.”