Finebaum Rips Urban Meyer on The Opening Kickoff

(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

The full ballot was released for the 2025 class of the College Football Hall of Fame this week.

While 77 players were nominated, just nine coaches had the honor and two of them were arguably the two best coaches of the era in Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.

But according to SEC Network and ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, the two aren’t even remotely on the same level.

During his weekly appearance on The Opening Kickoff, Finebaum was asked which of the two coaches he would pick if he could only vote for one, and he did not mince words when it came to answering.

“I think that’s very easy because one coach has won seven national championships and has been exemplary in everything that he’s done and stood for. He’s been someone who is a beacon of integrity, and the other one is basically just the worst of everything imaginable,” Finebaum said when comparing the two.

“He has lied, he has misled,” he said of Meyer. “I realize Urban Meyer has won three national championships, but beyond that it’s embarrassing for him to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Nick Saban.”

Meyer of course had a ton of success pretty much everywhere he has been, winning two titles at Florida and one at Ohio State. But according to Finebaum, if you’re trying to compare the two, Meyer doesn’t even come close to the status of arguably the greatest to ever do it in Saban.

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