Is Alabama Next After High School NIL Hits Florida?

NIL has arrived at the high school level in neighboring Florida, allowing high school athletes to profit on their Name, Image, and Likeness.

Florida is the 36th state in the country to ratify high school NIL after the FHSAA voted unanimously in favor of the proposal.

We have long said that NIL at the high school level is coming to Alabama eventually, but having a bordering state especially one where the Mobile area is so close to makes it hit more at home for us.

Of Southern states, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana and North Carolina are among those who were before Florida in bringing NIL to high school.

Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas are among those who have held strong against it.

Among the bylaws of the Florida law are deals being negotiated completely separately from the school as well as banning use of NIL as a tool to lure transfers and preventing deals from being given when an athlete transfers midseason.

Of course, the fear even with the bylaws are similar as they were with college, but NIL has become a complete circus at the college level.

Similar legislation in Alabama as Florida just passed failed to get through the House last month.

But if one thing seems certain, NIL is probably coming to Alabama sooner rather than later.