DeMeco Ryans Talks Senior Bowl From Hall of Fame Event

DeMeco Ryans has had a unique career.

From being an Alabama legend right before Nick Saban took over to one of the best Houston Texans in team history to immediately becoming one of the brightest young head coaches in football in his first year, Ryans has seen it all.

But before he got started at the NFL level, it all began at the Senior Bowl.

Ryans was a second round pick largely due to a great performance in the Senior Bowl and now is officially inducted into the prestigious Senior Bowl Hall of Fame.

“It feels really special to be back here at the Senior Bowl,” Ryans said at the event. “It’s been 18 years, to be back here and have such a humbling honor to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, it means a lot…It’s a blessing to be here.”

Asked about how important playing in the Senior Bowl is to a prospect given that he has the perspective as both a player and a coach/scout, Ryans said it is a huge advantage.

“If you wanna have an advantage when it comes to scouts and NFL coaches watching you, play in the Senior Bowl,” he said. “Every coach in the NFL watches the Senior Bowl and it’s a game where we can see over 50 potential draft picks in one outing. It is a must watch for all NFL coaches.”

Ryans recalled his own tough week of practice during his time.

“Grueling week of practice,” Ryans said. “It was eye-opening, it was intense, and I’m happy for that experience. Being named one of the team captains for that week was special to me because I was only with those guys for a week, and for them to name me a captain meant a lot.”