There’s a New QB at Alabama

We speculated on it yesterday, but today it became official. Notre Dame transfer quarterback Tyler Buchner has committed to play for Alabama just one day after visiting and not taking a trip anywhere else. It’s a move that somehow feels both surprising and unsurprising at the same time, and there will surely be ripple effects.

First and foremost, Buchner will compete for the starting job. He isn’t coming in and being handed anything, but Nick Saban and Tommy Rees are not bringing him in to compete for a backup spot. He will have every opportunity over the summer to earn the starting job. The second biggest thing that will happen here is that almost assuredly, a quarterback currently on the roster will transfer.

Who that is remains to be seen, but I would guess the most likely option there is Jalen Milroe. Milroe is entering his third year at Alabama and is the only QB is the room who has started a game, but has yet to seize the job. Ty Simpson is still just a redshirt freshman, and doesn’t necessarily have to play this year, while he obviously wants to.

One of the two freshman, Eli Holstein and Dylan Lonergan could see little to no path to ever starting at this point as well and possibly consider a transfer. Not to mention the fact that Julian Sayin may come in next season and immediately be the best QB on the roster.

There is a lot to be figured out here over the summer, but Alabama’s QB situation just got even murkier.