Concern Rising in Alabama’s QB Room

The latest rumor surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide is not great, depending on your perspective. While the idea of Alabama possibly adding a QB through the transfer portal was kicked around last week, it seems now that there may actually be some fire to go along with the smoke. Notre Dame quarterback Tyler Buchner, who appeared in just three games this past season including the Gator Bowl against South Carolina, has entered the transfer portal, and Alabama is rumored to potentially be interested.

If this is to be believed, which still remains to be seen, you can read it a few different ways. Buchner certainly has a familiarity with Tommy Rees and his system, having been coached by him in South Bend for the past two seasons. That being said, that familiarity has not really yielded positive results. But if Rees sees both Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson struggling and does not believe either is capable of running the offense he wants, bringing in Buchner might not be a bad idea.

At the worst, it would light a fire under both guys and send a message that no one is entitled to any job and every position on the team must be earned. At the best, Buchner shows more at Alabama than he did at Notre Dame and is able to run an effective offense that wins games for Alabama. Overall, I think fans need to temper expectations at this point for whoever the starting QB is going to be.

Alabama fans have become accustomed to a level of excellence at the position over the last 6 or 7 years that as of right now, is simply not looking like will be the case this season. Of course, someone could still step up and seize the job as there is plenty of camp left. But the fact that we are even having this conversation illustrates a level of concern at the position that we have not seen in a long time.