Nick Saban Clarifies “Rebuilding Year” Comments at Presser

Nick Saban caught some flack online after he referred to last season as a “rebuilding year” for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Maybe understandably so, as most every program in the nation would be thrilled with a season in which you win an SEC championship, your quarterback wins the Heisman trophy, and you play for a national championship.

But as coach Saban explained, the standard at Alabama is not quite the same as every other program in the nation:

With a defense that returns a ton of star power and an offense that returns a Heisman trophy winning quarterback, expectations are as high as ever entering this season in Tuscaloosa. And while they certainly need to improve in some areas, especially the offensive line, Alabama has a chance to do great things this season.

For a long time at Alabama, it has been championship or bust, and nobody is more aware of that than Nick Saban. And if last year was indeed a rebuilding year for the Crimson Tide as coach Saban says, well then it could be problematic for the rest of college football in 2022.