Is Matt Rhule Actually a Candidate for Auburn?

Is Matt Rhule Actually a Candidate for Auburn?

To not many’s surprise, Matt Rhule became the first coach fired in this NFL season. The former Temple and Baylor head coach had a lot of impressive success at the collegiate level, but unfortunately for him and the Panthers, it simply didn’t translate to the pros. Rhule compiled a record of 11-27 in Carolina since his hiring before the 2020 season, and Panthers brass decided they had seen enough after another rough start.

While he is still owed almost $40 million from the Panthers and could certainly just take some time off from coaching, one has to think that Rhule has a desire to return to the college ranks. If this is indeed the case, could Auburn, who will almost certainly be looking for a new coach, be a possible landing spot for Rhule?

If there’s one thing Rhule is as a college coach, it’s a program builder. He completely turned things around at both Temple and Auburn. He’s also a charismatic guy that kids would want to play for. While he might not be the flashiest hire that fans would like (cough cough Deion Sanders and Lane Kiffin), this is a guy that has proven he can win football games at the college level.

While the SEC may be a whole other challenge for him, Rhule would bring Auburn a stability that the program has not had in a very long time. Whether or not he is actually a candidate remains to be seen, but Auburn would be wise to at least take a look at Matt Rhule when it hires its next coach.

Michael Brauner