Inside the Dome: It’s Long Past Time to Fire Dennis Allen

(Photo via Tony Ding/Icon Sportswire)

Every Thursday right here you can read Inside the Dome, where we’ll get into a different topic on the Saints/the NFL as a whole, break down the Black and Gold, and talk about where things stand in the shield. In this week’s edition, it’s time for the Saints to acknowledge what everyone already knows and get rid of Dennis Allen:

When the Saints went 7-10 in Dennis Allen’s first season, many chocked it up to the fact that Allen did not have a reliable quarterback and deserved another shot. And even though his record as a head coach after last year was 15-38, another shot, and a big money quarterback is what he got.

Make no mistake, Derek Carr has not helped things by any stretch and the 4 year, $160 million contract they gave him looks more and more like a complete disaster every week. But the point about Allen remains.

The Saints let Dennis Allen go out and hand choose the quarterback he wanted and the thought process was year two should be better because he has the signal caller he now wants. Instead, the Saints now sit at third place in the worst division in football as Allen searches for answers every week in losing press conferences that only become more pathetic weekly.

Dennis Allen has never shown an ability to be a good NFL head coach. His record is now 20-45, the team has completely quit on him, and even though they sit just one game back in the division, things still feel completely lost.

Many of us have already known this for over a year, but it’s time for the Saints to fire everyone and commit to a complete and full rebuild. The fans deserve better than the product that has been put on the field since Sean Payton retired.

Get rid of Dennis Allen. Get rid of Pete Carmichael. Get rid of Mickey Loomis. Start again. What the Saints are doing is not working and it’s time to blow it up.