I Already Know The 14 NFL Playoff Teams

I’m ready for you @OldTakeExposed.  We aren’t 25% into the 2022 NFL Season, but I can and will confidently pick all 14 playoff teams.  Barring end of season injuries, here you go.

AFC East

Buffalo – Despite the loss to Miami and close win over Baltimore, they still appear to be the class of the AFC.

Miami – We’ll see how long Tua is in the league’s concussion protocol, but their next four games are against the Jets, Vikings, Steelers & Lions.

AFC North

Cincinnati – Only time will tell if they’ve righted the ship.  Although, I still don’t trust Zac Taylor in a tight spot.

Baltimore – Lamar Jackson is good enough to drag the entire team into the post-season, because right now, the defense stinks.

AFC South

Jacksonville – The Jaguars are the surprise team of 2022.  Amazing what a competent Head Coach can accomplish with all of the talent they’ve got.

AFC West

Kansas City – Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce – Enough said.

Chargers – Probably not Super Bowl contenders, as they are already banged up, but still good enough to make the playoffs.

NFC East

Philadelphia – Is Jalen Hurts the leading MVP candidate right now?  He’s certainly off to a great start.

Dallas – Cooper Rush has filled in more than admirably for Dak Prescott.  Will the Cowboys keep the same game plan when Dak comes back.

NFC North

Green Bay – Young receivers continue to improve.  Will they be good enough in January to make a deep post-season run?

Minnesota – Even Kirk Cousins can’t screw this up.  Wait…of course he can, but won’t.

NFC South

Tampa Bay – Someone has to win the division.  I think.

NFC West

San Francisco – The 49ers exposed the Rams on Monday night.  Would be surprised if San Francisco doesn’t win the division.

Arizona – It hasn’t been pretty by any means…so maybe this year the Cardinals will be in reverse?  Start slow, finish strong.