Who Do They Think They’re Fooling? It’s Time to Blow it Up:

Last night was the ultimate culmination of the disaster that has been this season for the New Orleans Saints. They had the game completely in hand, up 16-3 with the ball in Buccaneers territory with less than five minutes left. Then, in one of the most epic collapses I can ever remember, Mark Ingram ran out of bounds when he had an easy first down that likely would have iced the game, Dennis Allen inexplicably punted on 4th and 1, and Tom Brady did, well, Tom Brady things.

In a game that should have brought the Saints to 5-8 and still somehow left them with a decent shot in the horrendous NFC South, they instead handed the game to Tampa Bay on a silver platter, and in turn, likely the division as well. Yes, Tom Brady was Tom Terrific at the end last night. But he never should have been in a place to even have a shot. The Saints had the game won. Until they didn’t.

So who was to blame last night? Andy Dalton actually looked pretty decent, the offense didn’t turn the ball over all night, and the defense held Tom Brady to three points for 57 minutes. You have to put this loss squarely on Dennis Allen. But does it really even matter who is to blame for the catastrophe that was last night? Did anyone really believe before last night that Dennis Allen (now 12-37 as a head coach) was the coach of the future for this franchise, that this team could compete, and last night finally changed their minds?

Who do the New Orleans Saints think they are fooling? They stood pat at the trade deadline rather than selling, they are at least $50 million over the cap this coming offseason, and they don’t even have a first round pick after Howie Roseman pulled off a pick swap last draft that now looks like one of the smartest moves of the past offseason.

On top of all this, the man in charge is proving all over again with his second chance that he is simply not capable of being a head coach at the highest level of football. It’s not an understatement anymore: the Saints are a franchise in complete and utter shambles. The Saints have acted as a team afraid to slip back into irrelevancy, and in the process, they have become something even worse than irrelevant. They have become an embarrassment.

It’s time to blow it up and start over again.