What Each Team Needs to Happen to Win SEC West:

After upsetting the Alabama Crimson Tide in Death Valley on Saturday night, LSU has put itself in a position where they are firmly in the driver’s seat to win the SEC West. If they can take care of business from here, they will head to Atlanta to take on what will almost certainly be the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship barring further craziness. This all being said, the West has not been locked up just yet and technically both Ole Miss and Alabama are (barely) still alive. Here is what each team needs to happen to get to Atlanta.

LSU Tigers:

The path is pretty simple here. They don’t need help from anyone else and control their own destiny if they can beat two teams they are better than. However, they will face both Arkansas and Texas A&M on the road, who will be looking to play spoiler. If LSU takes care of both of them, they win the SEC West no matter what Alabama or Ole Miss do.

Ole Miss Rebels:

Ole Miss only has one loss on the season as compared to LSU’s two, but unfortunately for them, it was at the hands of Brian Kelly and the Tigers. Not only this, but one of LSU’s losses came in a non-conference game against Florida State, so it doesn’t affect the conference standings. Ole Miss needs to beat Alabama in Oxford this week then hope LSU loses at least one of their two road games. If it plays out this way, the Rebs will head to Atlanta for the first time ever.

Alabama Crimson Tide:

The Crimson Tide pretty much need a miracle. They have two losses, both of them being in-conference, and obviously the head-to-head loss against the Tigers. Alabama needs to defeat Ole Miss and Auburn AND hope that LSU loses BOTH of their road games. While I suppose it’s not impossible, it is incredibly unlikely. It looks like Alabama will be watching the SEC title game from their couch for the first time since 2019.