Super Bowl players should take the chance to promote their colleges

A 30-second Super Bowl ad costs $5 million. So it’s easy to understand that it’s a really huge value for colleges and their football programs when they are mentioned during the broadcast.

During the pregame introductions, each player had a chance to say their name and college. Nick Foles. Arizona. That’s about a half million dollars worth of free advertisement for the Wildcats.

Eric Lee. South Florida. That’s another half million for the Bulls’ program.

Alshon Jeffery. South Carolina. Half a million for the Gamecocks.

Then came the Eagles’ superstar defensive lineman.
Fletcher Cox. Yazoo City High School.

There goes a half a million dollars worth of free advertising for Mississippi State down the drain.

Look, I have no problem with being proud of your high school alma mater. But Yazoo City High School doesn’t need the marketing help.
Mississippi State does.

Every other player on both teams proudly promoted their college alma mater, although Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy stated his alma mater as simply “Brigham” instead of Brigham Young and Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan said Penn State lacrosse, which is the sport he played in college.

These guys can credit their pre-schools if they want. But it’s a shame that Cox decided to deprive Mississippi State of such a lucrative marketing boost and a chance for Bulldog fans to puff up their chest with pride.

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