South Alabama Wraps up CMU Win, Looks Ahead to West Coast Trip to Take On Bruins.

Kane Wommack – “Great road win.  Just in the past we’ve struggled in the history of the program of getting on plane and executing at a high level on the road, especially against the team has really established their program on physicality and toughness.  And to beat a team at their own game, just the way were able to play physical at the line of scrimmage. Really controlled that aspect on both sides of the ball the entirety of the game.”

Carter Bradley – “There’s a lot of good you can take from the game, but also a lot of things we need to work on. I need to be better with deep ball accuracy.  I was aggressive, just need to be more accurate.  But the OL and runnings backs played well along with the guys on the outside.”

Major Applewhite – “Very pleased for the players. Themselves to see them have their success cause they’re executing.  They can start to believe, and I’m doing this the right way and see what happened for me. I ran this route the way Coach Smitty has been telling me all along and I got this ball in the back of the end zone.”

Jaden Voisin – “Jumping out to 31-7 lead – Shows our preparation for the game and everything was just executing. We were just playing like we know we can play.”

La’DimWebb – “We are gaining more confidence in each other each week as we go along.  Our offensive line is doing a great job.  Carter making the right calls and Coach Applewhite putting us in a position to win.”

Batoon – “I thought we executed at a pretty high rate.  Especially up front.  Thought we controlled the line scrimmage with the defensive line.  Felt like our linebackers were able to play down hill.  That was a good tail back, very prolific rushing offensive.  Allowing 30 yards going into the 4th quarter is a testament to the kids.”