Saban Reveals Reasons For Retirement in Explosive New ESPN Article

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 11: Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban in a game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Kentucky Wildcats on November 11, 2023, at Kroger Field in Lexington, KY. (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire)

(Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire)

No member of the media has a better “in” with former Alabama head coach Nick Saban than ESPN’s Chris Low.

Low published explosive new article on Wednesday morning that provides insight into Saban’s decision to hang it up, the turbulent 48 hours that followed, Greg Byrne’s daunting replacement search, and much more.

Throughout the entire in-depth piece, revelations about Saban’s final days as Alabama’s coach were by far the most fascinating.

“I was really disappointed in the way that the players acted after the game,” Low quotes Saban as having said on the Rose Bowl loss.

“You gotta win with class. You gotta lose with class. We had our opportunities to win the game and we didn’t do it, and then showing your ass and being frustrated and throwing helmets and doing that stuff…that’s not who we are and what we’ve promoted in our program.”

Many have speculated since Saban’s retirement that the changing landscape of college football was one of the reasons he decided to walk away.

And while Saban denied those claims initially, new quotes from the article confirm the fact that it was at least some factor, particularly in the wake of the Rose Bowl loss and meetings with players that ensued after.

“I thought we could have a hell of a team next year, and then maybe 70 or 80 percent of the players you talk to, all they want to know is two things: What assurances do I have that I’m going to play because they’re thinking about transferring, and how much are you going to pay me?” Saban said.

“So I’m saying to myself, ‘Maybe this doesn’t work anymore, that the goals and aspirations are just different and that it’s all about how much money can I make as a college player?’ I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that’s never been what we were all about, and it’s not why we had success through the years.”

As we continue to enter what is an entirely new world in the sport of college football, Saban simply decided that the game today is not what it once was, and who could blame him?

While Saban’s age and desire to spend time with family were undoubtedly huge factors, and likely the biggest factors, it is unfortunate to see the fact that the greatest to ever do it simply did not want to put up with the way things have become anymore.