Mike Detillier Talks Michael Thomas on The Opening Kickoff

Michael Thomas, who has played sparingly over the last couple of seasons, is the key to the Saints offense this season, at least according to Mike Detillier of WWL Radio in New Orleans.

Detillier went on to say that while he believes Chris Olave, the Saints first round pick out of Ohio State, is for real, Thomas draws matchups down field that the Saints offense simply has not had. Nobody can take the place of Mihcael Thomas.

“The guys that took Michael Thomas’ place last year are the 4th and 5th and 6th receivers on this team, and they were 1s and 2s last year,” Detillier stated.

He also said that while he believes that the Saints have possibly the best secondary they’ve ever had and will make the playoffs, he does not believe that they can win the Super Bowl this year.

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