LISTEN: Utah State AD John Hartwell Connected to Auburn Job?

John Hartwell, a Mobile native and the Athletic Director for Utah State University, who just so happens to be Alabama’s week one opponent, hopped on the Opening Kickoff this morning to talk about his program. Since the stepping down of Allen Greene at Auburn, Hartwell is one of the names that has been thrown around by national media as a potential replacement for Greene.

On this morning’s show, Mark and Lee asked Hartwell about his potential interest in the position at Auburn, and Hartwell did very little to shut the rumor down. Check out the clip here:

“My family does have a history with Auburn. Both of my parents, both of my sisters were grads. Both of my mom’s parents were grads, my grandfather and father are longtime season ticket holders…”

“To be associated with that job is flattering, and I think it is one of the very best jobs in the country so if they called I would absolutely listen,” Hartwell said this morning.

Does that sound like someone who doesn’t want the job at Auburn? Certainly not to me it doesn’t.