Hugh Freeze Talks Team Building, Tampering, More at Spring Meetings

The SEC Spring Meetings have been underway in Destin, Florida this week and our very own Lee Shirvanian has been there to capture it all. Yesterday, new Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze took the podium at the meetings for the first time since 2017 when he was still the head coach of Ole Miss.

Freeze discussed a wide range of topics including team building, tampering in the portal, NIL, challenges in returning to the SEC, and much more.

“You ask yourself, does my way still work? Culture and team building, playing better than we are, all of these things go through your mind when you have a team that we tried to transform in a period of a few months. Now we’ve gotta blend it together in a short amount of time to try to compete in the toughest conference in America and I’ve never had to do that before, so it certainly weighs on my mind and is gonna be a challenge for our staff and our locker room,” Freeze stated.

Perhaps smartly, Freeze directed all questions about the 8 vs. 9 game schedule issue to the Athletic Director and President of the school, stating essentially that while he believes the rivalry games are important, he has enough to worry about in getting his team ready for the season that it’s simply a matter of doing what’s best for Auburn.

The spring meetings will continue through tomorrow.