Close shave leads to Astros victory

Nobody’s going to mistake what a baseball player does during a contest to a marathoner or tennis player or soccer player, but fans at least need to have the sense that every player is into the game at all times—even if he’s just sitting on the bench and trying to pick up on something happening on the field that can help him later in the game.

What Houston Astros star Alex Bregman did Sunday completely shattered that notion.

Bregman popped out in the first inning then walked and scored a run in the second as the Astros broke open a game they would go on to win 11-3 over the Kansas City Royals. When he came to bat next in the fourth inning something was different. Bregman had shaved his mustache between at-bats and playing third base.

The in-game grooming didn’t help. The freshly-shaven Bregman went on to make three more outs and commit a throwing error.

I understand baseball superstitions. If a player thinks that shaving his mustache is going to help his slugging percentage, then he should go for it, but when you so obviously fit a grooming session into the middle of an actual game then it’s time to Tighten Up.

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For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.