CJ Mosley Joins The Final Drive

Former Theodore star linebacker, Alabama All-American, and current New York Jet CJ Mosley took some time to join The Final Drive with Corey LaBounty and Michael Brauner and talk about his career at Alabama, Aaron Rodgers coming to the Jets, how he gives back to the community through his camps, and much more.

On how he stayed focused with the NFL looming:

“Coach Saban had us so focused on the process and starting over every year so we didn’t have time to think about the future and worry if my play will get me to the league or am I gonna get enough playing time, because if you weren’t doing your job and going to school and doing the right things on and off the field you weren’t gonna play anyway.”

On excitement about Aaron Rodgers:

“I’m very excited, more so just the opportunity. I’m going into my 9th year and every year you want to have the mindset of trying to get to the playoffs but that window is very small. But we have a special moment these upcoming years while we have Aaron and the talent that we’ve brought in, the coaching staff, everything that’s been transcended towards winning football. There has been improvement every year being a Jet since 2019.

On his camps he runs:

“It means everything. We talk about family ties and Theodore allowing me to run the camp at the school means everything…For us to be able to have the community come out and people come from different states it’s amazing. It just means a lot when I get to give back and people are moved by the things we get to offer.”

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