Bryce Young and Will Anderson to Play in Sugar Bowl

Alabama’s two brightest stars and likely top five draft picks, QB Bryce Young and LB Will Anderson, will both play in the Sugar Bowl in two weeks against Kansas State, it was announced today. While many expected them to opt out of the game and start preparing for the NFL Draft after Alabama did not qualify for the College Football Playoff, the noise over the last week or so had been that they are expected to play, and it became official today.

This likely doesn’t change anything when it comes to their decisions to enter the NFL Draft. While neither have officially declared, it would be an absolute shock if either of them elected to return to school for their senior seasons. They have no real reason to. It is extremely likely that Young is going to be Nick Saban’s first ever #1 pick, and Anderson has a great chance to be the first non-quarterback off the board along with Georgia’s Jalen Carter.

Last week, I argued that Alabama should be looking to the future and perhaps starting Ty Simpson in this game, but that if Bryce Young wants to play, you absolutely let him play. How much the two stars actually play in the game remains to be seen, but they will be out there and will start the game at the very least.

I can’t say I’m all that surprised at the decision of the two to play. While I am sure that many advised them to sit out and not risk injury, it speaks to their determination and character that they want to finish what they started with their teammates. Alabama fans should be thrilled to get the opportunity to watch these two in Crimson one more time.