Auburn is home to a large number of former head coaches


I don’t know if there’s ever been any statistics kept on this sort of thing, but I’m going to go ahead and proclaim Auburn as the world’s capital for former head football coaches.

By my count there are now seven former Division I head football coaches who call Auburn home. That number grew by one over the weekend when former Memphis head coach Larry Porter joined Auburn’s staff. Gus Malzahn already employed former Baylor head man Kevin Steele as his defensive coordinator.

Five retired head coaches call Auburn home — Larry Blakeney, Gene Chizik, Pat Dye, Tommy Tuberville and Bill Oliver.

Maybe there’s something in the water… literally. Many of these coaches are attracted by the beautiful landscape and in particular nearby Lake Martin.

None of the seven are originally from the area, and only Blakeney is a graduate of the school.

That speaks volumes for the quality of life in and around Auburn. But it does make you wonder if Malzahn is constantly aware of potential critics nearby at all times.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.