Auburn Heads into Bye Week with No Changes Made

10/15/22; Oxford, MS, USA; Coach Bryan Harsin during Auburn vs Ole Miss Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

Bryan Harsin has lasted longer as the head coach of the Auburn Tigers than many expected after the abomination against Penn State then near disaster against Missouri two weeks later. It’s possible that had Missouri not fumbled on the goal line and instead scored, Harsin would have been cut loose right then and there. But that is not the way things played out, and Auburn now moves into their bye week with Harsin still leading the program.

In my opinion, I believe this means that Harsin will remain the head coach of the team for the rest of the season. If you were going to get rid of Harsin, the bye week would be the time to do it. This would allow whoever takes over in the interim to put his own temporary stamp on the program and get them ready for Arkansas next week.

The Tigers performed better against Ole Miss than they have all season, at least on offense, scoring the second most points they have all season (the first being against Mercer where they put up 42). Had they lost by a ton like many expected them to, would Harsin have been canned? Possibly, but it is really starting to feel like he will be around for the rest of the season.

I for one believe Auburn has a decent shot against Arkansas next week. Is it possible that the rumors that the decision on Harsin has already been made are not true and he is still coaching for his job, or is he simply a temporary placeholder? I have to believe the latter, but what if the Tigers win some games the rest of the year. Their schedule features some winnable matchups. Could the unthinkable happen and Harsin keeps his job?

For now, Bryan Harsin can control what he can control. And what he can control is the fact that he is still the head coach of the team and can keep trying to get his players to play for him. Time will tell if it will make any difference in his job status.