WATCH – South Alabama Discusses Prepping For Season Opener vs Nicholls State

The South Alabama Jaguars held their first weekly press conference prior to their season opener vs Nicholls State.  Head Coach Kane Wommack, Offensive Coordinator Major Applewhite, Defensive Coordinator Corey Batoon, Starting Quarterback Carter Bradley, Wide Receiver Jalen Wayne and pre-season All-American Darrell Luter, Jr were all made available to local media.

Head Coach Kane Wommack – “Looking forward to seeing what we need to adjust to, but the one thing you can expect from them, they’ll play with great effort and physicality.  If you do those things and operate consistently, you’ll have a chance in every game.”

OC Major Applewhite – “It’s always a little nerve racking for the first game because you don’t know if they are going to keep the same personality.”

DC Corey Batoon – “They are very efficient offensively.  They have been for the last 3 years. Their balance is what really sticks out.  Their ability to mix the run and the pass.”

QB Carter Bradley – “Looking back at last year’s film, a lot of man coverage.  Try to game plan against that. You see some zone and some different blitzes on 1st & 2nd Down.”

WR Jalen Wayne – “We’ve been watching them.  Just getting used to an opponent. Coach tells know the defense and the scheme beforehand so it feels like we’ve been there before.”

DB – Darrell Luter, Jr – “They like to take a lot of shots.  A lot of deep routes. We’re studying every concept, route and formation they get in  just to prepare ourselves better for when, where and how they take their shots.”