King of the World, or the endzone at least

If I told you that you had won the lottery what would be your first reaction? I mean before you quit your job and set off on a world vacation. The very first thing you would probably do is smile.

What if you hit the game-winning shot in the Final 4? My first reaction would be to smile and celebrate with my teammates.
How about the game-winning sack in the Super Bowl? Smile. Celebrate with teammates. Move on with your happy life.

All this would seem pretty standard. But if you’ve watched a football or basketball game lately you’ve probably seen a different reaction.
Every monster dunk these days seems to require the following reaction. Turn away from your teammate who passed you the ball and helped you succeed. Grimance. Act like you’ve just committed a violent crime against humanity and dare someone to challenge you on it.

At the risk of sounding like I’m even older than I actually am, these athletes need to Tighten Up.
The NFL’s new rule loosening restrictions on end zone celebrations has actually been a good thing in this area. Now, the player who scores a touchdown almost immediately turns to his teammates to begin their group celebration.

Look, a little trash talking never hurt anybody. But acting like a good athletic play is somehow the same thing as being ruler of the universe just needs to stop.

Who do you think needs to Tighten Up? Call in and the best and most entertaining suggestion will win a $25 gift card from Wintzell’s Oyster House.
For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.

Stephen Root