Jarrett Stidham is the next big thing for Auburn football

Athletics Director Jay Jacobs confirmed that last Thursday night when he said he was “excited about a new quarterback,” then went on to refer returning starter Sean White as “our former quarterback.”

But, Auburn fans have to be wondering, is Stidham the next big success like Cam Newton, a transfer from a college in Texas arriving to save the day? Or is he the next big news story like Jeremy Johnson, a player who looked like a star in his limited opportunities as a backup only to wilt under the bright lights?

It’s not fair to expect anybody to be Cam Newton. But is the Jeremy Johnson comparison any more reasonable?

The hype for Johnson came after a sophomore season in which he looked impressive, passing for 436 yards with three touchdowns.

Stidham also passed for 419 yards and three touchdowns — in his first career start as a freshman at Baylor.

It’s also worth noting that he suffered injuries to his back, hand and ankle in his only season of college football. For better or worse, the ultra-talented Stidham is the next big thing at Auburn.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.

Stephen Root