It’s Over

It’s Over

It’s over.  

The Bryan Harsin Experiment, which I fully embraced, has failed.

Whether it was getting the quarterback position right, strengthening the offensive line or recruiting, it hasn’t worked.  It didn’t start out that way.  Either in Year 1 or on Saturday.

Last season, Auburn was 6-2 before Bo Nix broke his ankle.

Auburn jumped out to a 14-0 lead on Saturday against Missouri, which I’ll contend was their best 15 minutes of the season.

They took the opening drive in for a touchdown on 14 straight runs.  The defense tips a pass, turned into a Derrick Hall interception and then into a Tank Bigsby touchdown.  

All in the 1st Quarter. And then the Tigers offense went into an early hibernation.  

(I have no idea if Tigers actually hibernate. I do know Auburn’s offense was no where to be found.)

Missouri made the necessary adjustments to Auburn’s offense, Auburn never adjusted back.

Auburn’s offense gained 88 yards in the 1st Quarter.  They gained an embarrassing 131 yards the in the next three quarters. Combined.

Even Anders Carlson missed 3 field goals before hitting what turned out to be the winning points in OT.

Missouri played with passion coming from their Head Coach Eli Drinkwitz whereas Auburn played as stoic as their Head Coach Bryan Harsin appeared on the sidelines.

Make no mistake, although Auburn gets to put this one in the win column, it was Missouri who the lost the game.  Twice.

They missed a 26yard field goal at the end of regulation and then when it looked like Nathaniel Peat was going to score the winning touchdown, he dropped the ball reaching for the goal line. Auburn recovered the ball in the zone and escaped with a 17-14 vicotory-ish.

People who listen to my show, know I’m all about ‘win and move on’, but how does Auburn compete against Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss or Mississippi St. after slipping past Missouri?

Not knowing Harsin’s contract particulars, I’m not sure if timing has anything to do with “relinquishing his duties as Head Coach”, but I also believe in the inevitable.  Bryan Harsin will not return as the Auburn coach in 2023.  They mind as well start the search for a new coach. 

Right now.

David Schultz