Get to know the newest Giant Lorenzo Carter

Have you ever heard of Lorenzo Carter?

No, I don’t mean Major Lorenzo Carter, the first permanent resident of Cleveland, Ohio. I mean the newest resident of the greater New York metropolitan area.

Carter was a standout outside linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs before being drafted by the New York Giants. But you wouldn’t know either of those facts from actually watching the NFL Draft or following the official NFL Twitter account.
The initial problem happened when former Giant Chris Canty was given the assignment of announcing the team’s pick at No. 66. Canty identified Carter correctly but told the world that Carter was from Clemson.

Then, the NFL compounded the problem by tweeting a picture of Carter to announce the pick — except the photo was of Georgia running back D’Andre Swift, not Carter.
Now, it’s true that Carter and Swift both wore number 7 for the Bulldogs last year, so they’re partly to be blamed for the mix-up.

Still, this is a multi-billion dollar business and the league had months to make sure they didn’t have the wrong photo of Carter.
As for Canty, at least he didn’t confuse him with the old guy from Cleveland.

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Stephen Root