Will Hastings getting a kick out of Auburn experience

Nuts and Bolts of the Game LogoDaniel Carlson is the best kicker in college football, but there’s still debate about whether he’s the best onside kicker on Auburn’s team.

The competition comes from walk-on receiver Will Hastings, who has been one of the pleasant surprises of Auburn’s early season.

Hastings certainly has more variety in his onside kick arsenal. That’s because he was a kicker for Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Pulaski is the program that’s famous for never punting and onside kicking every time. As a result, Hastings had to perfect such kicks as the rocket kick, the copter kick, the jelly roll, the super squib, the long onside and the NFL kick.

Now that Hastings has become such an important part of the Auburn offense, we’ll probably never get to enjoy his various onside kick skills. That’s the only disappointing aspect of his rise to prominence for the Tigers.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with the Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Bolts of the Game.