College football is not broken. So, can we please stop trying to fix it by expanding the playoff?

There was a reason why so many people were against expanding the college football playoff from two teams to four. The reason was that it would open the door for an expansion to eight teams — and in the opinion of those of us who detest this idea — the destruction of college football as we know it.

I understand the argument that an eight-team playoff could be fun. Just think if we had four quarterfinal games on campus this weekend before return to neutral sites for the semifinals and national championship game? I agree, that would be awesome.

But what makes college football the greatest regular season in sports? Purdue-Ohio State was great drama. It would have meant nothing if there had been an eight-team playoff this year.

Remember when Alabama visited LSU and there was such great buildup? With an eight-team playoff that game would have meant no more than the Texans against the Browns this weekend.

And what problem are we trying to solve? Are we looking out for poor, little Ohio State because it got left out of the playoffs? The Buckeyes earned their spot in the Rose Bowl and out of the playoff by the way they played all season.

And after the first time Central Florida goes to Tuscaloosa and loses 54-14 in the quarterfinals are we really going to be intrigued by the non-Power Five team getting its shot?

College football is not broken. Can we please stop trying to fix it.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.