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Top three realistic targets- July: LSU Tigers | Saturday Down South

LSU is one of the SEC’s programs that has a lot of room to grow over the next several months. There are several prime targets left out there, but here are three the Tigers’ coaching staff would love to land ASAP. That may be easier said than done.

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings.

1. Terry Beckner, East St. Louis (Ill.), 6-4/270, DE

National rank: No. 18 overall prospect

SEC schools: Mizzou, LSU

The skinny: Beckner will be a true national battle, and LSU is right in the thick of things–though Mizzou certainly has made an impression on him in the past couple of months. This should be one of the more intriguing recruiting battles in the country, because it crosses a lot of state lines.

2. Tyron Johnson, New Orleans (La.), 6-1/190, WR

National rank: No. 25 overall

SEC schools: LSU, Texas A&M

The skinny: Johnson is very shifty and has great speed and can make a play after the catch. Unlike the other two LSU targets, Johnson is a bit more of a realistic pickup than the out of state kids, not surprisingly. One school to keep an eye on is pass-happy Texas Tech.

3. Tarvarus McFadden, Fort Lauderdale (Fla.), 6-3/200, DB

National rank: No. 32 overall

SEC schools: LSU, Florida, Georgia

The skinny: The Tigers seemed like the leaders early on, but in recent months Florida State is trending–and it wouldn’t be the first time one of the extended McFadden family went to play for the Seminoles. So keep an eye on this battle for the No. 4 safety in the nation. It seems to be an FSU-LSU battle.

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