SEC and BIG 10 officials need to TIGHTEN UP!

With major college championships hanging in the balance, referees in the SEC and the Big 10 let ’em play.

Normally, that’s what all of us fans and coaches and players want. We don’t want to see the officials decide the outcome of an important game.

But that wasn’t the case when Michigan squared off with Michigan State in the Big 10 championship game, and it certainly wasn’t the case when Auburn faced Florida in the SEC semifinals.

On Saturday, Auburn held a 3-point point lead over Florida and decided to foul before the Gators could get off a 3-pointer that would have potentially tied the game. The plan worked, in that Auburn fouled. But the official didn’t blow the whistle. Florida fans thought their team should have been at the line shooting three shots with a chance to tie the game. Auburn fans thought they should be giving up two free throws. Instead, no call was made and the game ended.

The same scenario happened Sunday, when again no call was made when Michigan State held a 3-point lead and fouled Michigan intentionally in the final seconds.

Ultimately, the right team won both games.

The idea of letting the players decide the outcome is a good one. But these officials need to Tighten Up and realize that when there’s an obvious — and even intentional — foul, the whistle has to blow.

Who do you think needs to Tighten Up? Call in and the best and most entertaining suggestion will win a $25 gift card to Buck’s Pizza on Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.

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