Vontae Davis needs to tighten up

Decision of Vontae Davis was wrong but not unprecedented


When I was playing junior high baseball, we were all excited about our opening game. In the second inning, one of my fellow seventh-graders laced a single into right field. As he ran toward first base, the rightfielder fielded the ball and made a strong throw to first base. My friend was out on the embarrassing 9-3 putout.

But rather than return to the bench, my teammate continued to run at full speed down the rightfield line, slowing down only long enough to open the gate and sprint into the distance. That was the last time we ever saw him on the baseball field.

That brings us to Buffalo Bills defensive back Vontae Davis, who shockingly retired from the NFL at halftime of Sunday’s game against the Chargers after being burned for a touchdown.

Bills captain Lorenzo Alexander says “never have seen it, Pop Warner, high school, college, pros, never heard of it, never seen it.”

It was a surprising and classless move by Davis and he needs to Tighten Up. But as anyone on the 1978 Chelsea Junior High baseball team can tell you, it was not unprecedented.

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For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.


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