Scott Frost and Chip Kelly need to TIGHTEN UP

We’ve reached the midway point of the regular season with 11 Division I football teams still undefeated. That includes three teams in the Group of 5 — Central Florida, South Florida and Cincinnati — plus independent Notre Dame.

The seven Power 5 undefeated team includes some usual suspects — Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Clemson — plus West Virginia, North Carolina State and Colorado.

But what about the teams on the other end of the spectrum? There are four teams that have not won a game. You wouldn’t be shocked to learn that UTEP and San Jose State are two of those teams. But what about UCLA and Nebraska?

Both have new, high-priced and famous coaches. But neither has won.

UCLA came within seven points of top-10 Washington last week, but Chip Kelly is still looking for his first win.

It’s much worse at Nebraska, where Cornhusker legend Scott Frost has lost his first five games, including a home game against Troy.

UCLA will be an underdog in all of its remaining games. Nebraska should at least beat Bethune-Cookman and have a shot against Illinois.

Fans needs to be patient with a new coach. But winless this far into the season? Both of these programs need to Tighten Up.

Who do you think needs to Tighten Up? Call in and the best and most entertaining suggestion will win a $25 gift card to Buck’s Pizza on Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.

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