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St. Luke’s star will shine when given a pitch to hit

Can you imagine being a Major League Baseball scout and traveling all the way to the outpost of Ozark, Alabama, then taking State Route 105 another 8.8 miles northeast to Skipperville (population 85 the last time anyone bothered to check in 1880) only to witness what happened in the St. Luke’s-G.W. Long series over the last two days?

If you haven’t heard, St. Luke’s star Jeremiah Jackson was little more than a spectator for much of the three-game series. Jackson was intentionally walked in 11 of his 13 plate appearances. He was also unintentionally walked another time.

Jackson, who has already signed with Mississippi State, is considered one of the top 50 prospects eligible for this coming pro draft. Just about every time he plays or even takes batting practice there are scouts there to observe and make notes. Their scouting report this week: He knows how to draw an intentional walk.

You can’t blame G.W. Long coach Drew Miller. The strategy worked for a 2-to-1 semifinal series win. Plus, St. Luke’s countered by intentionally walking G.W. Long star Dylan Register the last three times he came up Thursday.

Jackson’s high school career is over, but this is not the last we’ll hear from him. As he moves up the ranks he’ll be fun to watch when pitchers actually decided to pitch to him.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.

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