Savage goes behind the scenes of Alabama football in new book

Phil Savage, radio analyst for the Crimson Tide Sports Network and executive director for the Reece’s Senior Bowl, knows what goes on behind the scenes of Alabama’s football program more than the average Alabama fan. Savage’s upcoming book, “4th & Goal Every Day: Alabama’s Relentless Pursuit of Perfection,” will give fans insight of the program that they never knew before.

WNSP Sports Drive co-host Creg Stephenson received a copy of the book that won’t be released until Aug. 29. Stephenson wrote a list for of five things he learned from reading the book. The list covers many points, from Savage’s friendship with Nick Saban for the past twenty-something years to Saban’s relationship with Lane Kiffin, his former offensive coordinator for the Tide.

Stephenson discussed Savage’s input on the blowup between Saban and Kiffin over a fumble while playing Western Kentucky.

“Savage writes that Kiffin said into his headset ‘dumb players make dumb plays,’ which all the Crimson Tide coaches heard. Saban snapped back with ‘no, dumb offensive coordinators call dumb plays.’ There were probably a few expletives left out.”

You can read the rest of Stephenson’s list by visiting this link.

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