LISTEN: Jake Peavy on the Opening Kickoff

jake-peaveyMOBILE, AL (WNSP) — “It’s just so fun to come back home” for Jake Peavy.

The Cy Young Award winner is back in his hometown for the 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic with his Jake Peavy Foundation. He spoke with the Opening Kickoff guys about the event, as well as music and baseball.

“We’re gonna have a fun night and a fun day playing golf,” he said. “It’s all wrapped around great causes and putting the money right back in, helping our local community out.”

The 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic will be held Thursday, Nov. 10 and Friday, Nov. 11—Veterans’ Day. According to its website, the foundation will “raise funds specifically for U.S. Veterans’ programs in Mobile and along the Gulf Coast, which were designed to help military personnel and their families successfully transition back into civilian life after active military service ends.”

Peavy will be performing, along with his Honey Island Swamp Band, at a benefit concert at Soul Kitchen on Thursday night. The concert will follow a welcome party beginning at 5 p.m.

“As much as I love playing baseball, I’ve found that I love playing music,” Peavy said. “The talent level I don’t believe translates over. That being said, music is something that you can just continually grow at. With baseball I’m starting to watch at 35 years old.

“I certainly physically can’t do the things that I could do at 25.”

Currently, Peavy is an unrestricted free agent. He said he’s “got a few more years left,” but he’s starting to look at his options beyond baseball.

“Leaving there (San Fransisco), with the Cubs sealing our fate and sending us home, I believe I turned a chapter in my career,” he said. “I’ll just talk to teams, and just find the best fit for me and my family moving forward. I’ve been given a tremendous talent to play baseball. I feel so blessed to do that.

“I just want to know I’ve turned over every stone, to maximize the potential there.”

Peavy said playing at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, learning under his coaches and building great relationships with his teammates brought him some of his “best baseball memories.”

“That’s some of the best times of my life,” he said. “Things happen fast, when you start to progress through the minor league system. You get to the major leagues, you look back, and things have gone extremely fast.”

Peavy said he was thankful he got to experience his World Series wins, with the Red Sox in 2013 and the Giants in 2014. As a former White Sox pitcher, he said the Cubs’ win was “about as special as it comes.”

“Sports just has a way of doing something to us that not many things in the world can,” Peavy said. “I think we all saw a special Game 7 in that outcome.”

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