LISTEN: Gridiron Gala Interviews

galainterviewsYesterday’s Sports Drive was hosted from the Y’s Gridiron Gala event.

Hosts Randy Kennedy and Creg Stephenson sat down with a handful of the guests in attendance, including Eli Gold, Jake Coker, and Darrell “Lectron” Williams.

The guys talked Bama football with Coker and Gold, touching on the team’s current dominance and last week’s game with Texas A&M.

With Williams, they talked Auburn football, Vigor football, and where he got the name “Lectron.” (Hint: It has nothing to do with football.)

Listen to each of the full interviews below.

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Former Auburn and Vigor running back Darrell “Lectron” Williams:


Crimson Tide radio announcer Eli Gold:



former Alabama quarterback Jake Coker: