LISTEN: Gabe Gross on the Opening Kickoff

gabegrossOn Wednesday, former Auburn quarterback and MLB outfielder Gabe Gross sat down with Mark and Lee.

Gross said that he is now a college baseball analyst for ESPN and the SEC Network, but that he is also covering some football for them as well.

“I do a little bit of football here and there for them,” Gross said. “Mainly at the high school level.”

Gross, who was at the Auburn-Clemson game at the beginning of the year, said he didn’t agree with head coach Gus Malzahn’s initial multiple-quarterback scheme was a good idea, but that the next game’s adjustment was a good call.

“What an adjustment it was,” Gross said. “I don’t think (Arkansas State) is gonna have the greatest team in the world, but if you throw up 700 yards on offense, I don’t care if that’s seven-on-seven, that’s perfect.”

He said that he feels the SEC will have close games this year, but that’s because the teams are similar.

“I really feel like, just this year, you can take A&M, LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss… throw them in a mixer and spit em out, talent-wise they’re all pretty close,” Gross said.

With that in mind, Gross said he thinks Malzahn is “getting it done.”

Listen to the full interview below: