Listen: Fred Riley on Prep Spotlight

Davidson High School football coach Fred Riley joined the show Wednesday on Prep Spotlight. He gave his input on the public vs. private school discussion on the Gulf Coast and talked about the upcoming 2017 season for the Warriors.

“I’ve said for a long time that I don’t really believe it’s public vs. private as much as it’s have vs. have not and affluent vs. non affluent,” Riley said.

Riley said he believes that a city school system is the same as a private school in terms of funding. He alluded to the fact that a private school does not have to share money with other schools, like county city systems do.

Riley said he also understands a family’s decision to choose a private school over public because of benefits like indoor facilities and artificial turf.

“It’s hard to tell a family if they have the opportunity to go to one of those type programs where they have all of those amenities, you know, not to go,” he said.

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Hear the interview below.

Morgan Eiland