LISTEN: Dameyune Craig on the Opening Kickoff

dameyuneFormer Auburn quarterback and current LSU assistant coach Dameyune Craig sat down with Mark and Lee on the Opening Kickoff Friday morning.

Lee asked Craig if he believed a dual-threat quarterback was the only way to beat Alabama. Craig said no.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said. “I just think you have to get consistent play from the quarterback. It’s gonna be a lot of pressure on them to make plays. You’re not gonna have many opportunities to make plays, but you’re gonna get chances to make plays and you have to take them.

“I think that was the difference in the (LSU-Alabama) game. We matched up very well with them. Our defense is solid, theirs is similar.

“Any time you get the chance to make a play, make a play.”

Mark then asked how the offense has changed since the beginning of the season.

“I think the difference is we’ve got more play action,” Craig said. “I think sometimes you just have to get settled in. We’re at a point where we’ve had injuries this season up front, and never had a chance for the starting five to work together. Once they got back healthy, I think they got the chance to work together.”

Lee asked Craig if the Auburn-LSU game had gone differently, would Les Miles still be the head coach and would Auburn be where it is?

“Auburn probably would have done what they’re doing regardless of whether or not they won the game,” he said. “I think the way the schedule was set up, it was beneficial for them. We had things on our schedule where we looked to have some success. We looked at the schedule and said, ‘hey, we’re gonna be in good shape.'”

“We feel good about the direction that we’re in and we feel good about the direction he’s in,” Craig said. “We felt good about the (Alabama) game going in. We just needed to make a few more plays. We’re confident in what we’re able to do moving forward.”

The Fighting Tigers travel to Fayetteville this Saturday to play Arkansas. The 6 p.m. game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Listen to the full interview below.

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