Ingram benefiting from Saints latest moves


   The Saints have surprised much of their fanbase by cutting ties with some of their long-time offensive weapons in Darren Sproles and Lance Moore, with the possibility of trading Pierre Thomas as well.

   One player is benefiting the most from these moves has to be Mark Ingram.

   He was utilized late in the season, primarily because of injuries, but made the most of his opportunities in the playoffs.

   Ingram has yet to prove his worth of being a former 1st round pick for the Saints, but that could all change with a full workload in this upcoming season. At least, that’s what he’s hoping for.

   If you looked at the four players that were “on the bubble”, most Saints fans would be asking for Ingram to be the one to get traded, but New Orleans is investing and believing in the former Heisman winner to have a breakout season.

   It has often been noted that Ingram is the type of back that needs a number of carries in order to get into a rhythm, and the team’s recent activities have provided him with an opportunity to prove that theory.

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