DeShaun Davis proves doubters wrong again

One of the most popular, funny and positive high school football players I’ve ever had the pleasure to cover is current Auburn linebacker DeShaun Davis.
Despite missing his senior season at Vigor High because of a knee injury, Davis was still in inspirational leader for his team and his school. He was also a good enough player to sign with Auburn despite that injury.
All those positive attributes on and off the field made it no surprise that Davis spend Saturday going through graduation ceremonies at Auburn, just 3 and a half years after he arrived.

But what was surprising was this graduation day tweet from Davis:

I’m not sure who this teacher was, but if Davis’ recollection is correct, then this teacher needs to Tighten Up.
It’s ridiculous to think you would give up on any 12-year-old kid. But dismissing a kid who would become such as inspiration and an early college graduate should be a lesson to us all about judging too quickly.
Who do you think needs to Tighten Up? Call in and the best and most entertaining suggestion will win a $25 gift card from Wintzell’s Oyster House.
For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up.

Stephen Root