Dabo Swinney NAILED IT.

Recruiting great players leads to winning games just as surely as winning games helps in the process of recruiting. For Swinney and the Clemson Tigers, the two are going hand in hand these days.

In the Class of 2018, Clemson signed only 17 players, but five of those were the No. 1 players from their state. Swinney managed to nab the top player from the states of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Ohio and South Carolina. He also signed the second-ranked players from North Carolina and South Carolina.

Those five states in which he signed the No. 1 player also happen to be home to the reigning national champion, the two teams that played for the SEC championship and an Ohio State team that was the first team left out of the playoff.

By comparison, Georgia’s great recruiting class included the No. 1 player from Tennessee and Illinois. Alabama signed the top player from Maryland, Connecticut and Indiana, while Ohio State inked the No. 1 player from New York and Idaho.

Clearly Dabo Swinney is nailing it on the recruiting trail.

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