Collin Sexton NAILED IT

Alabama’s freshman point guard literally made a million-dollar shot in the Tide’s SEC Tournament opener in St. Louis.

Sexton made the shot of the week by driving the length of the floor and hitting what amounted to a 15-foot layup as time expired for a 1-point win over Texas A&M.

If Sexton had missed the shot, Alabama would been left out of the NCAA Tournament. And the SEC would have only seven representatives in March Madness instead of a record-setting eight.

Even if Alabama does not win a game in the NCAA Tournament, just making it into the field will earn the league $1.67 million. A run to the Final 4 for any team is worth $8.3 million for its conference.

Alabama may be one-and-done in the NCAA Tournament, just like Sexton is expected to be one-and-done in college basketball. But it’s already been an exciting and now profitable one.

Clearly Collin Sexton Nailed It in his first and likely only trip to the SEC Tournament.

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