Coaches have to decide what to do about IMG Academy

Tom Herman is the head coach at Texas, so it stands to reason that he talks a big game. That’s especially true when he’s preaching to a packed room at the Texas High School Coaches Association.

The only problem is that Herman has to figure out how to live up to his words once he leaves that pulpit.

Herman stood strong with the Texas high school coaches when he said he was ready to make a stand against IMG Academy, the all-sports academy in Bradenton, Florida, that has attracted some of the top high school recruits from around the country. Herman knows that many high school coaches view IMG and other similar programs that could follow, as a threat to high school football.

The only problem in that one of the top recruits in the Longhorns’ class of 2018 is — you guessed it — a wide receiver from IMG Academy.

Herman quickly got on the phone to assure the player that he didn’t exactly mean what he was saying.

Herman’s initial statement was right. But it’s not enough if you’re not willing to let your public actions match your private statements.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.

Morgan Eiland