Bradley Bozeman’s Anti-Bullying Trip

By Scott McInnerney
WNSP Reporter

MOBILE, AL – Former Alabama lineman Bradley Bozeman has been making waves with his state-wide campaign to end bullying in schools, and he joined us on Sports Drive at 3:30 p.m. here on WNSP.

The anti-bullying campaign began after ESPNSiriusXM radio host Rachel Baribeau spoke on Alabama’s campus. She and Bozeman then teamed up and spoke in front of a school in Pell City, Ala. where a girl was being bullied.

“She came to me asking me to do a video about a kid who was being bullied,” said Bozeman. “I told her, let’s go talk to the kid and the kids that were bullying her. She let me run with it.”

After that, Bozeman was inspired to start the campaign across the state, and he is planning to talk at 20 to 25 schools in April. One of the main focuses for his campaign is cyberbullying, and how it affects kids even after the school bell rings.

“It really opened my eyes,” Bozeman said. “Kids have a lot more problems than we think they do. Listening to these kids across the state of Alabama is completely eye-opening.”

In addition to the anti-bullying campaign, Bozeman has the NFL Draft this weekend to think about. Even during training, the Alabama center wants to make his message against bullying a major focus.

Throughout last season, Bozeman started at center for the Tide and has played with both quarterbacks up for the spot this season.

“Jalen is an extreme competitor,” said Bozeman. “He works himself to the bone to improve every day. Tua is just natural. He comes in and has a natural leadership role. He does a really great job taking control. They both bring their own things to the table. Which way you want to take that is up to coach Saban.”

Bozeman is hoping a team will select him in this week’s NFL Draft. Since training for the draft began, he has been working on being in good shape and losing weight.

“I’m just working out and doing everything I can,” Bozeman said. “Everything I’ve done up to this point has been really great for me. All I do is go out there and do my best. I don’t compare myself to other people because I’m not those people.”

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